The sports weight loss way is suitable for white collar

Many employees perform because computer work for a long time, so easy to body fat, leading in time to ensure that your body to reduce fat gradually and slowly. Find your body fat white collar every day, some fear, for small series to introduce employees to lose weight.

White collar people who can make the weight loss plan like this: Daidaihua Slimming Capsule. If you are used to getting up early, you can exercise in the morning. But it is important to recognize that bad feeling of fullness in the stomach and not excessive when breakfast movement, low blood sugar in the morning, before you have to add a little energy. Therefore, according to the earlier you begin a piece of bread with honey or drink a glass of water, then go to exercise better. Breakfast at 1 to 1.5 hours after the workout. If a little rushed, after half an hour from the end of the campaign, Eat a small breakfast. At the same time, coffee in the morning some time earlier, the increase in the number of.

You'll also need knowledge, it is now tomorrow temperature compared low, should not early on when for the free movement; note morning blood sugar and temperature, effect, warm up, prevent motion injuries, while keeping check also needs strength, achieved average thickness movement 30 minutes scored above comparison good weight-loss effect. Noon-time movement is not recommended. As the campaign affect the normal Chinese restaurant, Chinese food is essential for weight loss. Bad practice if other arrangements, diet and exercise can midday today: afternoon snack twice increased weight, on the contrary, reduced lunch component dominates fade diet. Lunch and continue to move as much as possible, "Movement for at least 2 hours before dinner, after 1 hour after training to add more energy" to respect principle.

Night is the most flexible arrangement of periods. If you can eat at 06:00, about 08:30 Exercise is the best choice. Too late to sleep. Need 7 to 8 at Night campaign, you can transfer some weight dinner snacks in the afternoon, Campaign 1 hour, or you can add a number, such as fruit, vegetables and soy products , porridge avoid hunger at night. Try not to eat after exercise in the evening, not only through his stomach, overloaded were also may affect weight loss.

These are all the staff movement planning, people should not busy with their work, they should spend spare some time in losing weight. Plan your time, finish your work and spare some time to lose weight, you will lose weight successful!