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The important part to people who want to lose weight - calcium

To lose weight well, the calcium also is a very important part. According to a new study conducted on obese women. The recommended daily dose is 1000mg calcium while many women only consume an average of less than 600 mg of calcium daily. Therefore, if peopl lack of calcium and want to lose weight quickly, then increase their daily consumption of calcium may be just what they should do.

The women followed a low calorie diet and consume two tablets a day either 1200mg of calcium or a placebo. Women the calcium lost about 13 pounds, while the 15-week program, as opposed to those who took the placebo, the only lost 2 pounds. According to the researchers, their work is theorized that the brain recognizes the lack of calcium and increases the appetite. This would be harmful for any system, and even weight loss supplements such as herbal weight loss pills would not help much. The conclusion of the study is that consume enough calcium every effective weight loss system is crucial. Lida Slimming.

Researchers have studied the effects of calcium on weight loss for years. A study published in 2003 found that women who are deficient in calcium had more body fat, bigger waist and higher levels of cholesterol than women whose calcium intake was normal.

So if you are looking for a quick way to lose weight and your calcium consumption is low, your primary concern should be about the calcium. If dairy is not an option for you, you also get important calcium from dark green vegetables like spinach and romaine lettuce.

As a matter of fact, the calcium is not only necessary and important to people's weight, also good to people's health and their skeleton.